Water amounts during flowering

My vegetative watering schedule has been 3 cups per plant every other day. I’ve continued this pattern into flowering. All looks good into the 4th week of flower but I know it’s a critical time and don’t want to screw it up now.

Should the water amount or day schedule change? If so, by what amount(s)?

I just read at another seed bank site that watering during flowering should continue on an every other day basis and gradually increase in amount as the buds get fatter. Temps should be 68-78F or less, and RH of 45-55% until harvest.
Could someone please confirm these are the best conditions to produce the best buds?

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Instead of watering on such a tight schedule with an exact amount, look to her for help. You should be watering until about 5-10% run off. If this is done, you shouldn’t need to water for another 2 days or so. She’s going to start drinking more the further into flowering she goes. I was giving my last girl a gallon by the end.


Your advice is truly appreciated

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