Was wondering how long I should keep this is veggie for?

Strawberry kush plant this is day 45 since I planted, its under a 400 watt HPS. I’m using the fox farm trio nuts big bloom, gro big, and tiger

Also the lower fan leaves don’t look to good to me… and towards the top I’m noticing the tips are yellowing a tad.
I’m no photographer but attached are the best pictures I could take. Open to any suggestions, Thank you !

Hey @Closetgrower91 A common question. It is really up to you. There is of course indoor a point where depending on the plant growth slows. It happened to me on my flubbers at about 80 days. The longer you let them veg the higher yield of course to a point.
Plant looks real good. Anytime your ready. Like I said its up to you.

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I usually flower mine around 45 days to 2 months, plus it’s going to grow another foot, so you might want to flip to 12/12 now ?

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Thank you, just didn’t want to switch the lights to early.

Sure anytime would work that’s a nice looking plant best of luck

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