Was told to mix whole raw eggs in soil before planting

I was told to mix 2 raw eggs with my soil before putting them in starting pots and planting the germinated seeds, I did that and planted 6 seeds in 6 containers but after googling it I discovered that people say NOT to use whole raw eggs for a bunch of reasons, now I’m worried these seeds will have problems and/or die. Any advice/tips?

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If anyone’s curious I mixed 2 raw eggs with their shells in enough soil to fill just 7 red solo cups. I asked someone I know that’s been growing for a long time and he said it won’t hurt it but he wouldn’t do it. I’m only growing them till they’re decent sized seedlings then I’m gonna transplant them and keep them outside in buckets

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The egg and the shell will.make a natural fertilizer. The shall will decompose and give your plant calcium, nitrogen and phos0horic acid

Banana peel will do something similar

So it’s perfectly safe that I mixed in 2 whole raw eggs? Not just the shells?

Yes I believe it to.be safe

Okay, I guess I’ll have to wait and see. I was going to grow them in the solo cups until they out grow it then either plant them directly in the ground in a field behind my house or in a bucket in the ground in the same field. What would you recommend?

There are many things I have heard of people adding my biggest concern would be any decomposing food products is going to draw pests . Knats and those damn pesky little flies ants all kinds of critters will come to food in your soil


If the egg is in a solo cup you will be transplanting them before it is any use. And he is correct it will draw pest.

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I would put them in the ground. That said I would also put them in 3 gallon pots and get them used to the sun for a week or two before leaving them out in the sun. Move them into shade then some sun until they have grown new leaves that are used to sunlight.

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Good point @AMUSED2DEATH
@Kota I have never heard of doing so i curious of how it comes out