Home remedies or recipes

Does anyone have home remedies or recipes for nutes and such. Just thinking about like cal-mag, egg shells are a good source of calcium. …


All of the people I know who grow naturally still buy the products. The reason as I have heard it explained is things like egg shells while a good source for calcium they take to long to break down to the point a plant with only a 6 or 7 month life span will be able to get enough of it from the soil . Amendment’s like your takling about are for soil you plan on using in 2 years or so in my opinion. I could be wrong as I am by no means a pro though .
Click on the little magnifying glass top right corner and type @latewood s favorite soil recipe it is pretty much a gold standard for a high quality grow medium. My point is most of the guy’s who mix thier own soil use a variation of this method . Also food stuffs and peels scraps and such will almost always draw knats to your soil or ants . Good luck


Good advice @Oldstoner
Also I have a soil recipe thread some on here
That @garrigan62 posted a lot of good info on I’ll tag you into that one as well so you can give it a read @suctionmed