Volume using Dr. Earth

Hello to all, I hope i’m in the right place. I’m starting my third run, this time using Dr. Earth. Directions say 2T per gallon. I plan on adding worm castings and perlite. I guess my question is are the worm castings and perlite part of the total volume?

Dr earth has several different products, hard to say for sure without knowing exactly which product. In the ones I have seen though, their potting instructions are to add per gallon of soil. So 2 tbsp/gallon would mean 6 tbsp into a 3 gallon pot.

ok that is what it calls for but this is what im asking. im using 5 gallon fabric pots dr earth 463 veg, 444 all purpose, 394 bloom, 15% worm castings and perlite. using a 3 gallon pot and 2 one gallon pots to get 5. oh and im using dr earth pot of gold all purpose soil. do the worm castings and perlite count when figuring total volume?

Im confused please someone has got to have an answer

You try emailing or calling them? I email foxfarm all the time and the respond within 24 hours

really never off that, THANKS my friend

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