Virgin Grower (Dos si dos feminized)

I’m waiting for the first chance to cut the top and bend some stuff but these things do not grow fast enough. I thought soil, light, water and I’m golden. Its not quite that easy.

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I’m hoping this is not a “Don’t do what I did” guide. I’m trying to document for my behave and maybe to help others.

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How many plants are you growing?

My approach toward my first attempt was - It is called weed for a reason. It can grow anywhere under virtually any condition. It is somewhat true but so is the saying “Sh!t in - Sh!t out”. I learned quickly it takes some effort and knowledge to end up with bud that is worth the time & dollars put into it.

That is not far from true. I would just add the qualifier Good or appropriate to each. I will add nutrients and environment to the list. Put those together without going down the rabbit hole of nonsense and diminishing returns and you will do well.

02/22/22 12:00 PM #1 really likes the transplant. It really grew. #3 got some water PH’d down to 6. The soil PH was 7.

02/24/22 12:00 PM #1 go water today, about 3 liters. There was run off. She does not look pretty but looks very alive. #3 is fine.

02/25/22 12:00 PM #1 looks ok. #3 was dry so she got PH’d water to run off. A few roots were growing out of the bottom.

#1 at 2 weeks

#3 at 1 week, I just watered