Viparspectra p2500

Has anyone had any experience with the viparspectra p2500 lights
Bad, good or fair?

I am running a hand full of them. Spectrum is a little cooler then my HLG Rspecs. Took a little while to get the distance dialed in but I am running them about 12 inches above the canopy. I do like the dimming knob, as I can turn them down while working with the plants.

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I’d say fair, as it doesn’t seem to be a burple. You would definitely do better with HLG, and even the Spider Farmer SF-2000 is a better light with the Samsung diodes.

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Do they seem strong enough for flower?

The Viparspectra? Probably sufficient for flowering 1 plant.

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I tend to use more light then most growers. I had 3 over a 4x4 area. I currently have 7 in use.

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After this grow I’m turning a old shop bathroom 6x15 into a grow room, has 4 dedicated circuits and a/c. Will be using tents for each grow. just asking about them because Mars are not going to cut it so guess I will look at different HLG’s, had 2 Viparspectra 2500s sold at discount. maybe use for veg

Looks like they are working for you

Pretty big area and you will need a lot of lights.

A good guideline is 35 - 50 watts of quality light per square foot of canopy. I wouldn’t call the Viparspectra “quality lighting”, but it looks a bit better than the burples that Viparspectra makes.

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I plan on just having tents placed around room so I can get around them maybe 3 tents

A P2500 for 1 plant? do your research before you say that, I have 2 P1000’s in my 4X2. The 2500 is a big light! And burple is yesterday for Viper, they’ve had quantom boards for a couple years now…

There’s a reason people don’t trust Viparspectra and question their “quantum” boards.

Samsung diodes? There is a reason Viparspectra won’t list which model of Samsung diodes in their P2500 in their listing.

Here’s a little “research.” A competitor light, the HLG 260, is built with ~260 diodes. The P2500 is built with 750 diodes. What this says is that the P2500 diodes are substandard, as it takes 3 times the diodes to achieve the same power draw. What this means is that the P2500 diodes are of low efficacy and very low efficiency. Low efficiency means more power draw to deliver the desired level of PPFD. Low efficacy likely means that the light also delivers poor spectrum. Poor spectrum equals poor PPFD levels.

Any company that misrepresents their products is not to be trusted. Here are a few of Viparspectra’s ridiculous, current listings, which are indeed “yesterday.” Viparspectra’s claims defy the laws of physics. Any manufacturer that claims to produce 1000 watt, let alone 2000 watt, LED grow lights, has a serious problem with honesty.

The P2500 may be a bit better than a burple, but Viparspectra have a long way to go yet, and they have a terrible reputation to overcome.

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HLG-260 has 576 diodes and the spectrum is warmer with HLG, cooler with the P2500 and it’s 750 diodes. My goal was to achieve even coverage over the canopy footprint. I don’t know that the average home grower would notice a significant difference in yield or quality from the performance specifications laid out for either of these, all other things being equal with sets of clones.

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I used the Viparspectra PAR600 x 2. I had good results. Not as good as the HLG lights I replaced then with.

The PAR600 has 3 switches and that is how I ran start to finish. I think they was around 270 watts from the wall each. It just was to hot running them down South Texas way.

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