Very slow growth indoor

Hey guys this is my first grow and I stunted these plants pretty bad there a month old. I think maybe transplanted a little early don’t know. Running coast of Maine platinum growers mix(all organic) all they drink is Poland spring and they don’t get water till too few inches is dry. There in 5 gal fabric pots and any help would be great! image|375x500

You’ll need to wait until the image uploads before you post.

Before we begin to troubleshoot, you’ll need to provide a very detailed description of your setup and habits.

Breeder/cultivar/source of seed:

When did the cotyledon emerge?

Exactly what medium are you growing in? (Brand and product/s)

What’s your watering program? Frequency, volume, additives,

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir?

If you’re fertigating, what is strength is your nutrient mix? (Specify EC, 500/700 scale ppm)

What is your light source? (Be specific)

Temperatures: Average/peak/min for both day and night

Humidity: Average/peak/min for both day and night

How do you bring fresh air into your space, and how do you remove stale air?

Feel free to include any additional information, but try to be concise out of consideration to those who are helping.

If u click where his pic should be on the image thing it will open the pic. Its in blurple. Plants dont look bad from what i see. A pic in better lighting would help alot. Get a pic with just camera flash on to see natural colors

This is it under camera flash that’s the bigger out of them all. Temp averages 78 humidity 55% ph run off 6.6. The lights a bloom boss pro fusion 1000 pull 400 actual watts from wall lights about 22 in from tops of plants as recommended by bloom boss in veg. And the plants a blue dream from ilgm in coast of Maine all organic stoning ton blend. Only feeding coast of Maine all purpose plant food which is 1-0-1

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Looks like healthy growth and active branching. It might be that the growth stalled a little while the roots are developing. I don’t think you have anything to worry about yet.

It isn’t unusual for plants to double in size once they start flowering.


What soil are you using ?

Coast of Maine platinum growers mix stoneington blend

You don’t need to have the light that far from the plant. Lower it 4-6” and you’ll probably see faster growth.

I am with the community, month old plant looks healthy. Keep up the good work.


Also agree. They’re looking good. I think the issue you’re running into is checking on them 20 times a day, lol. I find they “seem” to grow slower when I do that.


They seem to be coming along no issues so for stonington blend is very nice soil with some extra perlite