Venting through glass block window

I have a tent in my basement and the only place I can vent to is a 2 square spot in my glass block window. I can’t find any attachments that will connect to it. It has a window that opens but not completely. Any ideas?

Fairly easy to cut to size if need…
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Edited to remove brand. Sorry if the link isn’t posted right.

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Below is what I used when my tent was in the basement a couple years ago. I’m guessing your window tilts in same as mine. I also posted a pic of the tape I used to hold the weight of the duct.
Just open the window and tape the duct to the glass block and run your vent line and you’ll be good to go.


EXACTLY what I was gonna suggest!! LOL!
I’d put some kind of screen over it just to ensure something doesn’t crawl back through it! LOL!

Yes that’s a must, I didn’t say because my windows already had them :grin:

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Thanks everyone!