Vegetating white widow before flower

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“How many weeks do you recommend vegetating white widow before flower?”

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Depends on how big you want your plant to get. I purchased a pack of 3 WW Fem seeds and veg’d for 9 weeks. This was my first grow, so I wanted to take my time. They have been flowering since mid February, and I’m going to chop them down at the end of this month (April). Mine are about 3.5-4 feet tall. Read up on the forums as far as LST and stress training, something I didn’t do, per new grower and all.

Although I would recommend a longer veg period if you are trying to grow and harvest a decent amount.

Plants will double and sometimes triple in size when goin through the flower stretch. So knowing that you should change to flower when your plants are about half the size of the final plant you want, depending on your height you have avalible in the tent.

As others have said it would depend on your grow space and the size you want them to finish at. White widows are an indica dominant strain so it will grow shorter than a sativa. A rule of thumb is an indica will stretch 1.5x when you switch to flower. (I usually figure 2x to be safe)

My current grow are white widow plants purchased from ILGM and I had them in Veg for 10 weeks but I actually wish I would have switched them over sooner around 8 weeks. I am growing 5 white widows in a 48"x48" tent and am cramped for space.


I’m growing the ILGM White Widow right now, and I’ll veg her for at least 8 weeks, then into flower she will go. I like to grow big trees lol, and I grow in a DWC bucket so my plant grows pretty quickly. Check out my thread, “ILGM White Widow - Treez”.

During the entire veg stage I prune my plant and also use different pruning techniques to get the most out of my plants in the space that I can work with.