Veg to flower, when is the best time to make the change?

So, what’s the best way to know when to step out of VEG, and move into flower/ bloom stage?

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Most people grow in veg until the plant is 1/2 the size of your expected plant size.

So, if you have room for a 48 inch plant then you would switch to flower when it’s 24 inches.

Happy growing!


Depends on the plant count and the size of the grow space Growmie… they’ll double is size during flower :love_you_gesture:


Agreed. Once plants are roughly a month old (from seed) you could flip to flower schedule any time and plants will transition to flower. Before this they wouldn’t be mature enough to flower so no use in trying. From there is pretty much up to you, but most of use shoot for a full canopy as to not waste any of our floor space or light.


:slight_smile: JOEBOO G’day mate good question. after about 30 days of veg including seed stage so like 6 weeks from seed you should see the sex of the plant,pistols or balls, swik thinks once this stage is done then you can flip to 12/12, or grow big if you need but yeah i rekon after you find the sex out go for it,:slight_smile:

Thanks for the sound advice. This is week six and I think I can go another week or two before I flip.
I’m looking at doubling the height during flower and visualizing my grow tent. I have some tome yet.

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Definitely female!!!

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A little defoliation and LST.

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:slight_smile: JOEBOO G’day mate looking good,great Lst an flattaning out,bitta claw leaf maybe over fed a smidge but looking great man,check ya ph as always an happy growing.:slight_smile:

Hi !
May I ask further question about Clones

I have a plan to bought some to grow in my current DIY tents, problems is I cannot control 100% of light with this not completely tents. the light can leak at dark times. I only grow Autos till now.

about time I will veg for 2 more weeks from clone that about 4nodes size. would it be too less veg times?

Thank you for your wise. :pray:

:slight_smile: kardel G’day mate yeah light leaks not good,maybe try something to help prevent light leaks.,as for auto clones i have not read much on them,i assume be similar to a photoperiod, may i ask why you want to flip so soon,?finding the sex out first to make sure female might save you some mucking around if they turned out to be male,i have seen on this forum ppl flipping early in veg with feminised clones an get results still.(example the :solo cup challenge) drew some pretty big buds from small plants, no matter how small,an yes flipping at 4 nodes will only bring a small plant,have a look on this forum mate there are some good threads about this, 4 nodes high is about when you would top or tip the plant to spread.:slight_smile: gd luck man sounds like you have a plan:)

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Thanks for info !
I mean im using this space and grow only autos, since i have to open my DIY tents for ventilation so light was leaking in when dark times.

About plant age I just have a roughtly idea about photoperiod and never experience on how to growing them. My idea is veg her to develop some with my space,take some cut to see how to make a clone and sent mother to bloom. Just want to make it faster😅

Thanks for responsive grow bro🥰

Veg for 4+ months then take outside for summer Crop= 3lb

@kardel G’day mate yeah you cannot rush this stuff,:slight_smile: do you have auto clones or photoperiod ?anyway clones save a few weeks for sure :slight_smile:

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My friend have a mother plant and they do sell a clone it is photoperiods.

I grow 4 autos now in my tents, they should be finish their cycle before christmas this year and I want to learn about photoperiod plant.

Actually I try them from buds seed once at the same time early this year… however big heat summer hit my area ( im from south east Asia) at March. 38°c in my grow area, they cannot survive

My plan is getting Moby Dick fem clone, my friend said on their pages they sold ready to flips clones. Which is I think the roots fully growth and majority shown. Will see when times come.

BTW if I said like flip on 3rd weeks JAN… do you think she will finish before MAR or APR ?

Thanks you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@kardel G’day mate.sounds ok if you got a photo otherwise relax mate is all good you talkin about flipping any pictures be good mate :slight_smile: what sort of light do you have at the moment ?

About light I use some LED that say 200wattage they can provide 1000-1100 ppfd at 12inches when i turn on 100%.

This is clones pic from their shop

My setup was 5gallon airpot 3x3 space. I plan to growth 1 clone and will top once she grow abit. And use that cuts for 2#clone to see if I can do that successfully.

@kardel looking good for a clone.what is your main light for veg an flower mate ?edit also this is someone elses thread need to talk about this on your own thread but cudos for asking sorry to main thread :slight_smile:

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:slight_smile: lso this is old mate thread we sort of talking over it,need to set up ya own thread mate .:slight_smile:

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