Vander led lights

So I’ve just bought a new grow light, it was very well reviewed on Amazon. It’s the Vander 1500w, has anyone ever used Vander? I know I’m probably getting a fraction of that 1500w but I will only being using it for one plants entire grow. I’ve already gotten about 20 started with a bunch of odds and ends lights. I’m waiting for my plants to get about 9 inches before transferring all but one outside. Do you think this will be enough for what I’m trying to accomplish? My grow room is 1 by 2 ft and about 6 ft tall. I have quite a bit of lighting that will be used for side lighting when I get this one on Tuesday.

The 24 in LEDs will be used as side lighting, more than likely. I’m also picking up some mylar. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

From the Amazon Add:

Model names: VANDER Led grow light 1916V:

LED Chip: 184pcs main LEDs , 2pcs UVA LEDs, 6pcs assisted LEDs

Actual power: 200W

It’s a 200 Watt light. There are much better lights. Quantum Boards for example. Your money would be much better spent on them. Your results will be better too.

Hope it helps.


@Verndoc Yeah I thought about building one but tbh I don’t have the time and they seem a bit pricey:/ maybe next grow I’ll invest in that. You think the 200 watts plus a good bit of extra small lights would do the trick for that tent with just one plant? If not what, stage in the growth could I use the light for?

It should be fine for what you plan to do with it, IMHO. You are going to put one plant under it, right? In a 1x2 space? That was feet? I would wager that light can flower something like a 2x2 no problem. I have a pair of similar blurples (1500w but real draw is 260w) and they flowered my 4x4 just fine.


Oh, and I am giving you that advice as a guy who has both of those blurple lights sitting on a shelf in my basement, having been replaced with, as @Verndoc said, better LEDs. :wink: I primarily grow indoors, though.


Yeah I saw a test online where the 1000 watt Vander was actually producing about 216, so I’m assuming I’d get a little more than that at least. Thanks for the info guys! Ill post a thread on it when I get it in Tuesdays with some feedback.

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