UVB and Jigga Watt gen 5

Just curious if anybody runs UV lights during flower? I ordered a few 24 watt uvb lights from california light works I’m about to add in during week 4 of flower. If you have, did you see much of a difference in trich levels/thc productivity?

Also I just ordered a Jigga Watt gen 5 light from nukeheads. Anyone use this particular light? Research looks good and its reasonably priced as well. I’m giving one of em go.

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I’ve been using uva/uvb bulbs in one of my tents for about 1 1/2 years having them come on for about 4 hours in the middle of my lights on day. I’ve been happy with the results but have no testing data etc to verify one way or the other how much it helps but the sun outside provides uva/uvb to outside plants peaking in the middle of daylight so recreating what Mother Nature does outside inside makes sense to me.
I also use far red Thera bulbs that help mimick sunrise and sunset conditions to help them wake up and go to sleep quicker. They come on 10 minutes prior to main lights and go off 10 min after that and then come on 10 minutes before main light go off and then they go off 10 min after that.
Our knowledge of lighting is increasing and my take is to try and mirror Mother Nature as best we can when growing indoors.


For main lights I’m using several different models from HLG (600H and 240xl r-spec) and also a build using PLC photo boost strips which are my favorite lights

Hope this helps

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Hell yeah, thanks! Glag to hear this. I’m newer to the indoor side of growing. Only been doing it for about 2 years now, so I’m constantly learning as well. I like your infrared input. I might add a couple during my next grow cycle. Like you said, mimicking your outdoor conditions as precisely as possible will yield optimum results. Thanks again

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Yeah I get that! I was just asking if anyone has before and after experience adding uv lighting and there personal experience? Appreciate it!