UV IR supplement

hey all… curious question. im growing autos. question is ,.,… anyone ever use uv and ir supplemental bar the entire time, i have mine on for 20 hours with my regular light. i have completed two harvest like this with amazing plants… just noticed the marshydro website gives a recomendation of 2 hours on… lol mine is on for 20 hours total… ir is on too,everything seems fine?


My IR and UV are built into my light…they are on if the light is on…kinda like the sun.

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I supplement with uv and ir is included in the light

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I run è uva bars and a 50 w far red from lights on to lights off and I don’t believe it does any harm at most I see a bit more tric coverage as the trics build more kinda like a suntan lotion for leaves to help keep them at bay with all the light and uv or stuff. Now they do say that 15 min before and after lights on and off for far red helps the plants relax and sleep better and it helps wake them up a bit better I’ve yet to have tried this but I’m sure with all the info it’s gotta be a benefit to it

Every time I fire up my uva supplement light I get issues. It’s probably a “me” thing but I have almost no confidence in it…