Using rso to make edibles

Hey yall, i figured out ive been making rick simpsin oil and not bad dabs for a few grows with trimmings and what not, i dont really know how to get recreationally high off of it besides eating it. I tried putting 5gs of rso into 4 sticks of butter one time and i didnt feel much if anything on the cookies i made with them. Any help?

use your trim and decarb it - boil 5 cups (+/-)) put into crock pot on “high” add 2-2 sticks butter once everything is melted add “trim” mix,stir cover for 5 minutes add oil. The cook on high for one hour (keeping temp at 180-200) Then turn on medium/low for 4 hr’s. doing it this way you don’t have to put the raw marijuana in the oven and cook it (decarb) for 30 minutes (F@@@@ the cooking raw pot) Note use more water if needed it does nothing - any were from 2-4 sticks depends on amount . I just using oil 2 stick would work well - Hope this helps