Using mykos and Azos?

Anyone doing the “Dunk Method” when transplanting with mykos/Azos??? If not how do you use it??

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Mychos (Bigfoot) added to all soil mix (FFOF) and aditionally lightly sprinkled around top of clone cup soil. And I dunk trim cuttings (future clones) into Rooting chemical then into dixie cup.


I can only say what I do with mykos (granular.) I layer it in as I am filling a pot. I use 10-gal pots. I’ll fill the pot a couple of inches, sprinkle mykos, fill another couple of inches, sprinkle mykos, and repeat until the pot is full. I probably use a half-cup of mykos for the whole pot.

I’ve never heard of the dunk method.


If you go to thier site there is a vid of it.

Mykos an azos is awesome u can mix it in your soil first witch deff shows n u can use tsp or so on top of soil during veg with azos n beginning of flower n mykos u can use throughout the grow it literally creates webs of roots…an u don’t have to dunk u can sprinkle mykos all over roots an where u will transplant plant but yes u can dunk the roots into mykos but I would sprinkle it my opinion

I’ve always sprinkled roots and hole when transplanting just wondering how else to apply.


I have used mychos only this grow. BEST GROW EVER, with 39 other parameters being met
IDK if they help, but with this forum guiding my learning and grow, we are really happy with all steps of learning.
I JUST started (week 10-13 from seed/clone, respectively) using Molasses (no sulpher). Opened tent to amazingly bright white looking flowers. They were doing respectibly well (not able to compete or brag here and still proud), but something changed lately. Could be temps increasing with decreasing swing range max/min. Feeding 1000PPM at 6.0-6.2 (still getting hot “run-off”,above 7.2, on EVERYBODY, for the last 3 weeks., and I quit trying to “FLUSH” the flowers down). It could be mychos, great, cause I still got plenty and I can refine technique. Happiness has a price. Mychos got my money and trying multiple mfgs.

In Dirt, Sprinkled, Top Feed, and even watered. I will try all (and did) this grow. Yes, soil contact application has most votes, but hell, I water, the swim.

Just getting ready for transplant soon.

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I drop a little recharge or TPS billions in the hole :love_you_gesture:

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