Mykos and Azos products

Can anyone share with me their experiences with these products and if they are worth the effort? Thanks

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im interested too

Read some stuff on here and the Mykos is going into the tool box. I think it could really help autos.

I use mykos to transplant and I think it helps. I’ve used the Mykos and molasses in a tea to help the roots. I use azomite dust in my soil, so I don’t buy azos. YouTube has several videos about it.

I bought some Bigfoot Mykos.

I use great white every time I transplant. No idea if it works or not, I’ve never tried setting up a control. I haven’t lost any plants after transplanting if that means anything.

I use both of those products when growing in soil and I think they make a huge difference as far as plant health goes…
In rdwc I use orca and hydrogard… luv both of them as well… :grin:


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I use that mykos and it works awesome compared to my grow with out it everything get so full and grows so fast with it. I won’t use it on clones because they will out grow the little tent before the the big one’s get cut down

I thought it was just me but my plants are at full attention today. How often do you use it

Just once your on my grow journal i think i took pictures of everything when i trans plant in to the 5gal air pot i think i used 2 tablespoons almost all my stalks are over 3/4 inch thick

I forgot another thing that breaks stuff down that i have used for outdoor garden with vegetables and weed is cannazyme it breaks down the leaves and compost matter i probably spelled it wrong but its orange colored if i remember right i have never used it for a indoor grow but there is videos on YouTube with some nice plants

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I’m sold on it!


Hell yeah that’s what I’m talking about those will be bringing some weight for sure

They are only in 2 gal pots but there are 11 of them. I have a reason to bring about a pound or more per grow now and I’m trying to get it a harvest every 60 days at the most.

What strain train wreck? Its a fast production strain

Northern lights.

Oh man I wish you was my neighbor

Lol. Why is that?? I have a feeling if we lived by each other we would be very profitable friends.

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I like northern lights to much and the resin is awesome to

I have about 30 frozen gloves and 10 grams of hash to contest to that