Using mirrors for light reflection in marijuana grow room

I can get my hands on enough mirrors to cover the walls of my marijuana grow room entirely. What’s your opinion on mirrors as light reflectors?

Mirrors reflect only about 75% of the light—a number that Mylar and Styrofoam clearly outpace. Mirrors tend to disperse light in hot spots that radiate unevenly on the marijuana plants. They are particularly effective in a space that has light movers so that the hot spots are constantly shifting. A marijuana grow room with mirrors everywhere would be a spacey experience.


I agree with Robert that mirrors are less efficient than milar and the dull side of reflective insulation board. I too am a light mover chauvinist. I just ordered another one today as a matter of fact when I saw that ebay is having a 4th of July special with 10% off on all agramover light mover products. I used to use lightrails until a friend showed me his agramover. There’s no comparison. They’re worth the few extra bucks.

You would get a better result with plain old aluminum foil.
It would be a very trippy image.