Using coco starter pellets

So I started 4 plants this grow, 2 I germed in paper towel, 2 I germed in coco pellets, with the understanding that once the fabric degrades, it leaves the root system thriving in whatever medium used, WELL I just harvested my CHEMDOG and wanted to see how healthy the root system was, so took it out and found this, now as you see the roots did come through, and it did grow, BUT I feel like this coco pellet, could have kept her from her most potential, it seems like the 2 I used the pellets with, were stunted and had some issues the others didn’t, so my question is, is this normal? Isn’t that fabric supposed to be GONE? Aren’t the WHOLE root system supposed to be free for growth? I just don’t know, but I swear this plant would have had a better turnout had I NOT used the pellet.

this here is the root system stuck in the pellet and her FINAL yield!!

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I used to use those Jiffy starter pellets all the time for planting different veggie seeds.

When I planted my first cannabis plant, I used a Jiffy starter pellet. The plant did OK, but the roots were less impressive than I thought they would be. My plant yielded 3oz + 5g, so I did OK. Not complaining at all but I don’t think I’ll use the Jiffy pellets again for cannabis.

Shit I ain’t even weighed that yet,I’m not sure the reasoning behind weighing wet and weighing dry, what does it matter until it’s dry?, at which point you can make an aducated guess, factoring in a few things as to what the wet wheight was, and as far as those pellets, DONE DONE AND DONE!!! NEVER AGAIN especially being there’s several other ways to do the same thing!!!

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you can expect somewhere near 20% of the wet weight. An I like to use Root Riot Or GH’s brand (having a brain fart & can’t think of the name) for sprouting & starting seeds. Just my opinion.

I love the rapid rooters for starting seeds. I couldn’t even sprout seeds in those pellets, lol