Using a dropper for my DWC marijuana grow

A question from a fellow grower:

Hi my question is a fellow grower said that I should water my plants with a dropper in my five sight dwc/drip system and I’m using rockwool and growstones on a 24 hour schedule but won’t that kill my plants? Can I use a drip system with a dwc?

I personally thinks it is a waste of resource to drip into DWC. The absolute only instance that I might consider this option, would be; If I am in an environment where it is cold and I have trouble heating my DWC reservoir, I might consider adding a pump to recirculate my solution in order to heat it up. Otherwise; It is a waste of time. If you want to drip; Build a drip system! :slight_smile:

I also have to wonder why you want to grow plants without rest?

Not sure as to why you are asking about killing your plants.

Actually my dwc/drip system is really a 34 gallon tote I don’t really want a Dec but the reservoir is under my plants I only say Dec because at some point I assume that my roots will be in the water idk about you but I can’t afford 34 gallons worth of nutes and as far as a 24 hour drip system goes that’s what someone suggested and I just needed some more information

Sorry dwc stupid spell correct

In your situation you can rig up a system that uses both, eventually the roots will reach the reservoir at the bottom and at that time you won’t really need the drip anymore. You can experiment to see what works best for you. You may decide to fill it up with more gallons, more volume of nutrient/water usually means better stability for pH and EC/PPM. You’ll likely find a ratio that works best for you between how much you use one or the other, they don’t have to be exclusive, but once the roots reach the reservoir, in most instances the top drip isn’t really needed anymore. The only thing to worry about with a 24 hour constant drip is drowning the roots, but if the roots are getting enough dissolved oxygen in the nutrient drip and/or enough aeration in the rockwool and grow stones (do you mean expanded clay pebbles aka hydroton?) you could do just fine even with the 24 hours of constant drip.

The stones I’m using are the recycled glass and I’m also running two large air stones

LOL. I see now. I would suggest rethinking your set up for future grows. If you do not want to replace 34 gallons of solution; Do not grow in 34 gallon totes. Let us know how it goes. Peace, lw