To be honest my transition away from them wasn’t because of my lack of faith, initially. I mainly didn’t want to run them through my system. Didn’t have time to use weekly. I thought for sure it was going to be a mistake. It was actually a learning experience for me, and for the better. Started putting a lot of additives into perspective and I started omitting here and there. I’ve surely gotten better at my craft, but the runs got easier and the results got better. Pretty awesome. It completely changed my view point, and it didn’t make me too happy that I got others to use the same things I was, that now I don’t feel like I’m missing out on. Kinda some guilt there.


@1HappyPappy as i said above…to each there own. There is no one way is wrong and only another is right. My point to it all is that for 80 bucks…when your harvesting two pounds at a time…can it hurt! If its only a sliver better…i dont care. I dont need 100% effectiveness to be worth it. My grows have only gotten better. Yes i know you can grow fire with a good base nute with nothing else. But if you can do it right and keep nutrient ec and uptake optimal, i bank i can squeeze a little more. 80 bucks when i have wverything else in bulk…who cares.


It’s all part of the fun man. Healthy debates! If we all did the same thing it would get mighty boring around here. LOL I want everyone to do what works for them, cuz honestly we could all have vastly different experiences using the same products. :slightly_smiling_face:

Y’all are family away from family, home away from home. I personally love these conversations. They might feel gritty at times but it’s just one of the many wonderful experiences we get to have along our journey. Freedom to talk and share about this hobby, outside this forum I don’t get that!


Well said. We all have our ways thats for sure. More then one way to the finish line.


3.5 lbs from a 4x6 is almost 2.5 zips a square foot! Amazing!

How long a veg period? SCROG? It was dry and well trimmed I assume. Lol.

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3.5 was a little exaggerated :sweat_smile:
It’s not uncommon for me to get about 3lbs.

Yeah pretty long veg time, I dont keep up with it very well, I just veg till it’s full. Sometimes scrog sometimes not. That is dry weight.

Scroll through them if ya want check it out.

Grow i just harvested.

The largest yeild I’ve had out of my 4x6.

And my very first time growing auto flowers…

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Love it! Thanks for the tour.

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