Upgrade to 260xl v2

Looking to find if there is a reasonable “upgrade” mine is not “r” type. What would be a good upgrade for my 2x4x6.3 tent using soil and Jack’s. I’m thinking my goal here is to improve bud density and quality. Yield isn’t a major concern.

You could change to rspec boards, add a third board, or both.

Yeah, the Rspec is what you need for flowering. HLG produces some red supplement lights, but I’m not sure that will do the trick.

I see dbrn is responding, so you are in good hands.

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If I went with 3 rspec (or would u recommend 2?) I assume I would need to change driver as well??? Which specific board and driver would you suggest. Currently using 260 for both veg and flower.

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Looks like they are in stock and on sale for $79 each.

You could remove and replace the V2 boards (they are still good for veg.) A driver change may not be necessary. Let’s ask @dbrn32 .

If you go to 3 versus 2 boards I would expect a driver change might be necessary.

At that cost would there be an advantage in just going to the 300r???

I would say read the specific then you really understand what you need , truthfully all you asking for had been answer to you an in other post , the only reason you can’t decide is because you probably don’t understand what makes them better what makes different , at the end of the day you will be the one applying this to your room and it to you to understand not other

Yeah, just swap to 2 rspec boards. It’s plenty for a 2x4. It’ll be around $160 without the code “dude”.

Would be hlg-320h-c1750 for 3 r-spec boards.

Cost is worth considering other options for sure. Hlg-300 is two boards pushed harder, 320 kits is 3 boards at lower current. So the 3 board setup is definitely superior. To make most out of lowest investment, you could add a single r-spec board and buy the larger driver.

So just mount a r spec in the middle of my heatsink and upgrade driver? What driver would you recomend and what temp board would you recommend. I believe the ones I have are 3500 or 4000. Just sold some more audio toys and cash is burning a hole in my pocket!

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Same driver I listed above, and I would probably add the r-spec board in center

Sorry I didn’t notice the driver info at first (had sampled some of my (curring) buds and am quite buzzed)
So what temp would you suggust?

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