Update outdoor sea of green

Looking good added about another 150’ of rope. Pulling yellow leaves from the inside like crazy fan is going to keep the dew down. Another 3-4 weeks and it’s go time.


Very nice, you must have good neighbours.

That is one beautiful plant

That is a WHILE LOTTA beautiful okants lol. SOG Sea of Green.

That’s a WOG!

WOG??? Whats the W?

Wall most likely

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Yep, wall! Just making a joke…

The Great Wall Of weed. It will make you chink eyed too.

Wall yes for sure. 4 diff strains. Not one. My neighbour comes outside every other weekend to cut the grass so don’t really worry about him gave clones to my neighbour behind me too keep him off my back his are 7’ lol. It’s a busy corner too u wanna hide something hide it in plane sight. With a little faith in humanity lol

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very nice :smile: