Update on my unknown

So entering week 4 of flower, plants looks good apart from the yellowing which was a ph issue now corrected. Its been a hard run these last few weeks, had the ph problem, had catapillars, very dense foliage to thin out but hopefully on track now for a good run home. My first grow outdoors with an unknown strain of indica.
Done a bit of defoliation this morning and some very light lst by spreading out and staking up the main colas to get optimal air/sun.
Love to know what some of you more experienced players think and if you think it will be a good crop.

This is wkwk 1 of flower.

This is wk 4 before defoliation:

This is wk 4 after defoliation and lst:


Outstanding! Good luck! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

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looks great, I wanna try to grow outside but those pesky cops don’t like it lol

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you are showing an iron deficiency. the yellowing of the leaves near the stalk. probably a ph issue.

looks good otherwise and it may correct itself


I’m seeing the same


So little update here.
Looks like it might be starting to recover from whatever was hurting my lady. Seeing a little green come back into the buds/flowers/leaves.
But can anyone tell me why some seem to be far more developed than others? Is it just a light issue from being outdoors(shade etc) or is my girl at different stages. Also some are fattening some are st stingy, what’s going on.

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These stringy ones??


I have no clue, its just crazy looking to me, I hope it keeps getting better

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So nit of an update as its been just over 2 wks since the last pics i posted above.
Buds are fattening and recovery is still ongoing but looks as tho i might still get some kind of harvest. Done probky my last trim on her today. Due for some nutes tomorrow. Battling storms and rain here last 2 days.:man_facepalming:
How long do you think these have keft.

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1 of ilgm’s strains is Harlequin and it can get variegated so it might be genetic. Also Bud sites too close to the lights can bleach out.