Update on my organic grow guys

This my white widow auto now she is in week two of flowering yes she does have a deficiency but not bad i pulled the Bluetooth auto out it wasn’t doin so well and the root ball was shallow and small ,but in saying that the ww looks amazing lots of bud sites so what do yous thiink


Time for a lollipoping.

I have lollipopped already and i just done a defoliation aswell

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I can tell you defoilatedooks good, just thought maybe it needed a lollipoping.

She’s abiut to get phat now with all that light.

Tell u the truth im not very good at defoliation or lollipopping but im good at training so it means alot to me ur comments

It’s an art. No one’s great at it the first 20 times.
It really is an art.

You’ll get more confidence and more comfortable with it the more you see people do it and the more you do it.


That light is to high at moment move it a inch down n like 2 week move it back up. To much stretch to soon. Then get a Scroggins net so u put stress on them it help the stems or branches n the weight of buds. Hope this help check out my grows. N my soil mix it may help.

Also only put nures every other water not every water so if u water twice week once wit nutes n once without. (Or just veg bloom in water nothing else).

I normally don’t use a scrog net cause im no good with them i dropped the light down aswell .so what do you think