Update on my plant

Hi guys just wanted to give u updates on my grow my white widow auto from dark wizard genetics it is now in week 9, here are several



Looks awesome bro great job.

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Thanks alot of work has gone in to her ,i was doing lst training from two to three weeks old right up to week two or three in flower

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Looks great!! I started my LST at the same time you did makes it much easier

Yah it does alot of people dont start lst until fourth or fifth weeke i think start earlier and get a fan blowing on it do the lst and watch get a thick healthy stem and branches get it ready to carry those heavy duty buds

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@Aussie_autos Wow. those girls are gorgeous. mine are so small at 10 weeks. You have the green thumb.

I just figured out 1 problem. she was a lot shorter than my 2 maui photo. so I raised her up to be even. I will see if it makes a difference. this is my first and last auto


I wish we could play scratch and sniff game through the phone. Looking good…:+1::+1::+1:


See i have her in five gallon fabric pot growing in full organic soil ive sone alot of lst training with her i done alot of defoliation aswell and lollipopping

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Agree! I just pinched the top on two of three. Went ahead and topped the last one traditionally. Will probably get the net out next week

9 weeks from seed or 9 weeks flowering

Its in week 9 of flower

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Good evening @Aussie_autos that is beautiful!! I can only hope mine fatten up like that!! :blush::v:

This is what i use as a additive with the organic growing i use phat bud powder from nimbin nutrients Australia and i also use there bud powder and there K bud hardner

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I will have to look into those!! :blush::v:

Nice work you grow them big on the other side of the world

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I just changed the way i grow i stopped using bottled nutrients and went all organic instead

I am organic dry amendment guy my self

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Yah i use worm castings bat guano volcanic rock dust fertilizer and superworm frass and kelp meal and alfalfa meal fish bone meal and sea bird guano with organic compost i also grow in a five gallon fabric pot

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