Update on my girl

Here is a few pictures of my lady. Going into 4th week of flowering. Too get bigger bud’s should I trim lower leaves?


I suggest you to prune only yellow leaves in bottom or if you have a little experience also leaves shading buds. But this is what i always do on my plants. So please wait for more people advice!!!

Okay thanks Teddy 78. I have a lot of the under leaves that are drying out
and falling off. I’m going to take a few clones off when time is right.

i agree with @Teddy78
other wise she looks good.


Now would be the time to take clones… any later and they start to get temperamental… the clones that is… after about 4 weeks of flower they don’t like to root so much… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


@peachfuzz is right, I would try to take them a little earlier,but I have a long veg time @ 6-8 weeks. I don’t like taking clones that late but most people do and it works great. It does take some getting use to, I’ve lost a lot of them. But getting better every time. I hope.

Thanks ya all. Around the 5th of April will be 4 week’s. So I’ll get
some clones then.

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