Upcoming mothers

While my current dwc run is finishing up its second week of flower I decided to drop some new seeds along with clones of the current run . In the dwc is ace killer og and two tall ones in back are also ace killer og . Then I also have
1 mk ultra
2 blue cookies
1 godfather purple kush
1 blackberry hashplant

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Thats alot of work :rofl::rofl:

I noticed youre apace is all white. Did you try the mylar approach first then decide on white?

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Watering isn’t too bad . The defoliation is what sucks lol. I started with white walls as I built this grow room. I added Mylar just for the hell of it but think I might take Mylar down after this run but not sure yet

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Just curious about the reflectivity. Some say high gloss white, some say mylar/reflective material. Im just curious if you done a run to compare the two and what were your results?

Yes I didn’t notice that much of a difference . In my mind I’m thinking Mylar would be better but in reality I think white is better for a grow room. Perfect example look at all big grow operations they spend hundreds of thousands and into millions investing into their grow to get every penny out of their investment. If Mylar produces better than every grow operation would invest in it. In small tents I get it bc you usually don’t run high powered lights most of the growers anyway. But these are just my opinion . Last run I only had 1 table which is 4x8 and got little over 3 lbs this run I’ll have 2 tables running so we shall see. Hoping this winter to add another 12x12 room so I can start a more efficient perpetual grow