Unusual new growth can anyone help?

Can anyone tell me what’s going on here? I’m still in the veg stage. Growing in soil my humidity is 70% temperature is 70-75 at all times. The strain is super skunk from ilgm. Four totally the same soil and one has weird new growth. I accidentally fim topped this one and topped the others into two tops but this one has about five on top, could this be because of that?

See pictures. Also I transplanted them into fox farms ocean forest soil and they are much greener than the little plant which is in different organic soil not as hot. Should I just keep watering with out nutes until they lighten up in color?

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I wouldn’t worry about it. It’s not uncommon to have multiple shoots come up from a FIMing. Growth following a FIM will look strange as the plant is repairing itself.


Each time you up pot with fresh fertilized soil there will be a period of time that you can water only. Depending how long you continue veg will determine when you need to add nutes.
I wouldn’t let them get to the point of yellowing but you will see them starting to lighten up a bit as the soil is depleted.


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I should have added too , that by checking your runoff tds / ppm’s with a meter you will get ahead of any yellowing or deficiency.
Generally folks using ocean forest will start feeding when they get down to approx 800 ppm’s in their runoff.


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I’ll add that FF Ocean Forest is good for ~6 weeks from the last transplant before nutes are needed, but yeah, you should be checking PPM for the best results like @Oldguy suggests.

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Right on will do thanks!!