Gorilla Glue stunted/incomplete leaf growth

Just finished with 4 weeks veg, 1000w mh, 18/6 hours
Fox farm ocean forest in 5 gal containers
Fertilized at 2 weeks 1/2 strength then at beginning of 4 weeks at almost full strength (3 tsp/gal) fox farm grow big. Humidity has been struggling to keep above 50%, as low as 20% at times, temp never above 88f, or below 60f, most of time in mid 70’s
Went up this morning to change to 12/12 flower with HPS bulb and noticed incomplete leaf formation and a few spots, very few, on lower leaves. Don’t think I over fertilized, what could it be?

This is far too much nutes, particularly when using Ocean Forest, which is already hot. I can see symptoms of overfeeding which will get worse if not addressed.

Ocean Forest requires no nutes for 4 to 6 weeks from your last transplant. I would get a PPM meter and manage nutrient levels that way.

On the stalled growth my best guess is that she is rootbound. The pot looks too small for the size of the plant.

Thanks MidwestGuy, I was worried about over feeding using Ocean Forest, but I thought after 4 weeks, I’d try under their recommended 3tsp/ gal. Hope a few times of clear watering will solve it, do you think I should use any nutrients at all during flowering? Used FF Tiger Bloom in the past, was gonna hit em at about 4-5 weeks into flower, but now I’m hesitant. As for the plant being root bound I don’t think they are, they are in those orange Home Depot buckets, gotta be bigger than 5 gal
Thanks for the help

I didn’t recognize it was in a 5gal bucket. My bad. 5 gal should be sufficient at this point. I thought it looked like a much smaller pot.

A PPM meter will help you ensure proper nute levels.

Thanks, I’ll get one