Uncontrolable marijuana humidity levels

A question from a fellow grower:

HOW can you reduce humidity levels in a grow room that is NOT hermetically sealed?

Humidity is constant at 70% and I notice as per your weekly watering schedule that comes with GROW BOOSTER which I have just received, so I have not control over humidity. What will happen if the entire life cycle is at 70% humidity? Will the buds become moldy or what?

Yeah more than likely add extra fans and have exhaust on more often to keep the air flowing and use damp rid if you can as it absorbs moisture out of the air also try to seal grow room up better and don’t use foliage spray because you don’t want anymore moisture until it’s all worked out.

If the humidity outside the room is also 70%, then venting the room faster will not lower your humidity, but either way the room doesn’t need to be hermetically sealed, it only needs that kind of seal if you are adding CO2. If the air outside the grow room is considerably dryer, then having your exhaust fan at higher speeds to vent more air out of the room and then that will suck fresh air into the room and lower the humidity.

Brendan made good point dodnt use foliage spray …I had a hard time for a while with higher humidity I bought a dehumidifier I have bifold doors on my closet I taped off some leaks but cant get them all so its not 100 percent air tight ,but with humidifier I bought did help a lot ,moving air is huge, and intake, exhaust fans …I bought a 16 inch wall oscillating fan with 3 speeds and 6 inch intake can fan ,a 8 inch exhaust can fan …ideally you want around 35 to 45 humidty later into flower ,yes theres a risk of bud rot, mold…not sure of your room size mine is 3x7x8 so I bought a midsize dehumidifier from amazon for I think was around 70 ,80 bucks and it brought it down between 10 to 15 percent …im having problem during winter getting humidity up my 3 rd humidifier and still cant get it up high enough lol…fogger is next…good luck keep the air moving and get a good size humidifier and try seal off as much as you can the leaks …I have a few but more you seal the better…