Unavoidable light hitting water & roots

How fast does light hitting the roots start root rot? when I lift net pots and change res or pick up net pot to check ppm and PH…light hits roots & water?
How worried or careful should I be?
Noobie here trying to grow a little as I don’t know where to buy it and don’t want to take xanax or Klonopin…or anything addictive for PTSD so growing some…any help would be appreciated.


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How long are you exposing the roots to lights? I doubt it’s going to have much effect in the temporary time you have to change nutes. Even with buckets with white lids I have not seen a response to lights other than some algae growing.

I would also think you should expect to see algae growing more so than root rot issue. 20 minutes or so to change out solution probably not going to be big deal.