Root Emergency!

Hello All,my first time posting & I really need some advice.I’m growing in soil/coir.I’m midway through flowering phase & when I fed the girls tonight one of them has a load of green algae looking stuff in the roots.The only reason I noticed is because my pots are white & see-through,otherwise I wouldn’t have noticed.I didn’t feed her & came straight on here to ask for help.The plant seems to be budding up nicely so I was shocked to see a problem in the roots.I feed my girls once to twice a week tops,I like to wait until they’re almost dry before I feed them. I’d hate to lose her,she’s a beauty…All help is greatly appreciated & thank you in advance.Sally.

pic of roots and overall of plant?

Green algae requires light to grow, you need to cover your pots.


There’s your issue. Got to get them roots in the dark

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Clay balls should work for soil and probably just snag some colored pots to throw them in for a quick fix.

I’d look into cutting back water schedule a little bit. Nothing crazy you want moist for flower but could also be adding to your algae growth :+1: goodluck keep us updated with status