Two weeks into on my first grow

I received my seeds two weeks ago yesterday. These are (2) each; Super Skunk, OG Kush & Amnesia Haze. Tomorrow I am transplanting to gallon containers with 1/2 FFOF & 1/2 FFHF. They will go outside in about (6) weeks.


Awesome, they look great :+1:t4:. I’ll be watching!

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I am tuned to watching as well. I’m gonna come along for the ride, if you don’t mind :v:

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They look like happy young ladies!

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You’re off to a good start. Nice. happy looking seedlings. Is that your starter Light? (Black magic) I like the starter set up.

Thanks for looking everyone. I will update every week and yes I would love it if you kept up on it with me.

The light is a Black Magic from Home Depot and it has been great. I highly recommend it for seedlings. I am switching to a larger LED light when I go to the gallon containers but the little Black Magic LED has been fantastic.

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That thing looks dope, practical and slick. Your plants seem to like. Im sure it didn’t leave burn holes in your pocket either.

What light are you moving towards after this?

I just took delivery of one of these yesterday.

Off to a good start. Set to watching

I have made my first transplant. Now they go under a new light.

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Are you keeping them in the 1 gallon pots or are you transplanting them into the ground?

The 1 gallon pots are only for about a month. They will go in 7 gallon fabric pots with FFOF in about a month when they go outside. I live in a legal state (USA) so that really opens up a lot freedom for a good outside grow.

BTW - Sorry about the sideways pic…Never again!

Three weeks old today. They seem pretty healthy so far (knock on wood).

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