Two seedlings from one seed?

Hi there everyone, my first time here. Just germinated 10 seeds from Spanish Seeds, 5 chronic x white widow and
5 Critical x white widow. Just checked this morning and I have two double headers, 1 of each strain. All seeds popped thru the soil within 48 hours and looking good. im gonna be moving then to an outdoor grow when they are ready for full sun and will keep them together to see how they develop. Been growing a long time (with a break of 7 years while living in Russia, you really don’t want to get caught growing weed there) but have never seen a double plant, never mind two in the same batch…
Could be interesting…

Welcome to the forum! A really great community with many people willing to help. With your past growing experience, you have the opportunity to help as well.

Your lineup sounds good. If you decide to start a journal, I would welcome a tag to your topic…

Hi FloridaSun, thanks for the welcome.
Thinking about a blog for my new grow. Got a few things going on. My first grow with autos, they are in pots and 3 weeks old. Buddha seeds. Magnum x 2… and XXL seeds. Monster Jack x 1.
Going into my plot in the ground are …from dinafem… moby dick x 2, critical +2.0 x 1, white widow x 1,
From Spanish seeds… sweet destroy x 1, caramel widow x 1
In another plot I’m preparing I have the chronic x white widow and the critical x white widow along with 1 northern lights x orange bud and 1 somango and 2 kali mist x super silver… all from Spanish seeds.

Just have to find my way about this site and get the know how for starting a blog.

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As you spend time here, your trust level will increase and then you will be given the ability to create your own topic.

Get familiar with the search button for the site. There is so much helpful information all around this forum with many great people wanting to help.

Sounds like a great selection of plants…