Two more weeks?

Flowering started 4/20 .


You have a lot of Fox tailing so you will have to look at the tricomes deeper in the bud it mite be ready


As @dirtydave said looks like fox tailing. So you have most of it ready but some new growth that will be a bit premature. I think that when the fox tailing buds trichomes go to mostly cloudy it’s time to chop, if that makes sense to you.


That is now at the far end of most estimated flower times, I would probably chop.


Think ill take her down today.Thanks .

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Choppity Chop! Happy Harvest!

I would agree with chopping. Looks nice.

How do you tell its foxtailing? I keep trying to look at pics to see how its different but havent been able to figure it out yet on my own. @dirtydave

Foxtails are basically buds growing out of your buds they look like foxtails because they are new growth they have white pistols covering up the main bud. This can trick you into into thinking you have a lot longer to go