Two Little Monster Autos

Welcome to another grow journal, I have more than a handful of auto grows under my belt now and I’m hoping for this one to be one of the easiest :crossed_fingers: while still producing a solid harvest.

We are growing two plants from solid breeders, one heavy hitting melt into the couch after work before bed indica and one stay awake hard hitting sativa.
The indica is the classic strain northern lights, I’m so stoked to grow this, the chosen breeder is sensi seeds as it’s the most sleepy effect compared to others as well sensi is known to have the purest northern light (reg) genetics so I can only think the autos will be good. 16% thc, unknown cbd, 400 g/m2, 60-90cm, 60 days to flower.

Lemon AK auto (fast buds 20% thc, 1% cbd, 300g/m2, 63days, Cerebral, Energetic, Uplifting, powerful sativa effect introducing a lightly relaxing, anxiolytic effect.)

Pest pucks were poured with boiling hot water and when cooled to warm seads were placed before closing the germination dome, that sits on top of my fridge (idk works for me minimal light)
They were given 6.5 ph’d room temp water yesterday and I just looked at them today, nothing yet will take some time for the mosture to crack the seeds as I didn’t soak them because I was ancy and rushing because seeds took longer than expected to get here.

Two 5gallon pots have been prepped, I put a bottle in the middle and filled the top 3/4 with ffof that has added 30% perlite, plug and top 1/4 was filled with ffhp with 30% perlite added and some Mykos (I sorta forgot the Mykos or I would have mixed it into the ffof when in the 5 gallon pot but I don’t want to pre mix it in my tubs).
I then sprinkled the top of my pots with DE hoping for a little boost in silica for bud density while helping to keep gnats at bay.

Setup will be my 3x3 tent, T6 AC infinity (exhaust fan with built in temp/humidity controller) vents to outside while room is spare room heated only by baseboard heater on a lights on/lights off programable thermostat, lighting will be 2x 240w boards detals: 512pcs Samsung LM301H + 20pcs cree xpe2 660nm+ 8pcs cree xpe2 730nm+ 4pcs LG UV LED’s.
We have a 2nd tent that will remain empty for now just because the wifey will be doing majority of the work while in university and I’m just the brains/investor due to my work away scedule.

Nutes with be chemgro 4-20-39 base nutrients along with cal and mag but nothing should be needed until week 5 and we will be watering on a dry to flood scedule with minimal run off until week 5 when we plan to feed calmag and test the TDS to see where we are for nutrient levels.

We will be FIM’ing these two autos at the 4th node as long as they are thriving and aside from that no training or defoliation, just minor leaf tucking when in bud. I really wanted to grow 4 and run a fim experiment of 4th node vs just prior to stretch but that will have to be for another time.

It’s winter here in Alberta Canada so the air is very dry, we have a humidfior in the tent at all times but even then it struggles to stay above 35% so plants will be domed for as long as they will fit under the domes and then they will just have to grow with low humidity. It’s something I struggle with and have been holding off investing another 100$ into new humidifiers for inside and outside the tent.

I started this thread early so if anyone has anything they want to add or discuss let’s do it. Might change something before they go from pest puck into final pot.
Ps I do cut the mesh off my jiffy pucks when transplanting them. While placing some Mykos in the hole we dig for them.
We are shooting for 6.5 ph while in veg and holding as close to 24c as possible, that will take some time with room controls unfortunately, followed by a 6.6-6.8 PH in flower to increase the P/K absorbtion.



Sounds exciting I’ll be watching since my first autos were not great. I have a NLA that is 10 days old.


Who is the breeder bubble head, can you tag me in your grow please?

More tags & shout out to @Not2SureYet for the Tangie matic suggestion, although I must edit above we are running Lemon AK Auto… Not Tangie matic because we were a bit concerned about how tall the Tangie might get in this shorter tent so went for the shorter sativa.

Can a mod help me edit the above please, swapping out the Tangie matic with:
Lemon AK auto (fast buds 20% thc, 1% cbd, 300g/m2, 63days, Cerebral, Energetic, Uplifting, powerful sativa effect introducing a lightly relaxing, anxiolytic effect.)



Sounds like a fun grow. :+1:


Awesome! And thanks for the tag. Sounds like a great mix of strains :grin:


Set to watch. Thanks for the tag. Now I have to get up and get busy. I have about a thousand things to do, other drive myself crazy over ppm readings.

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More tags


Thanks for the tag! Set to watch :grimacing:


Awesome! Thanks for the tag! Ok so this “Fimming”. Is there some articles or even more preferably video links you could provide so I can learn more and would you recommend I do it with my AK-47 plants? You are familiar with what I have going on. If this is something I should hold off until I have more experience under my belt please let me know.

I’m excited to hang out with you on this journey!



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Thanks for tagging me over @Nicky
I wish you good luck for the rest of 2019 and SUPER good luck in 2020 lol. The same wish goes for everyone here :green_heart::green_heart::green_heart:


Bookmarked to make it easier. :+1:


Yeah the time window expired =( thanks @Myfriendis410


Lots of info out there on Fimming but with autos it’s a bit different.
Two basic schools of thought with autos is 4th node or right before stretch, aka when you see pre flowers.
It splits the main cola into 4 colas providing a more even canopy in theory and better light distribution. That being said it is a high stress method and I would suggest waiting until 3rd or 4th grow.



Hell yeah, I’m set to watching and pumped for another awesome grow! Best of luck guys :metal::metal:


Looks good. Only thing I noticed is that you quoted breeder thc content for each strain. There is no guarantee your plants will produce that, it’s probably more likely they won’t. They could be more or less. That’s just what their highest sample tested. Your seed, environment, and feeding will ne different. So it’s likely something like thc content will be different too.


Never grew an auto :christmas_tree:following along!


I will just add my o2 for topping. I would go by how strong your plant is growing. If it is going slow. I would top later. if she is running hard. Then you can get away with topping a little earlier. And for topping more than one. I would make sure your gilr is showing you she is really wanting to grow.

Here is what I mean
This is a west coast og auto I just did.

This is her at week 3

Here she is at week 4 growing strong. I topped her here

At week 5 here, I topped her 4 more times

I will be honest. I don’t normally top more than one time. If you plant isn’t growing hard. Multi topping will slow it down a lot.
Just a heads up


Set to watching.


Here to watch. Come on and pop!!!