Twisted leaves in seedlings

It looks like the first set of leaves are all twisted on my 2 seedlings. Anyone have an idea of what causes that? Tried to take several pics. Hard to see in photos as much as in person.Ty

Is your fan blowing on it directly?

If not it’s probably just avoiding the walls, will straighten out once it feels it can clear them. Plants can sense obstacles

Seedlings can often times start out looking realy wonky but typically grow out by the 3rd to 5th set of nodes typically youre plants look just fine besides they do look a bit over watered

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My first set of leaves always curl a little from the fan stretch I do. I remove them once third node is in, so they don’t distract me with non issues. They aren’t good leaves to go off of when it comes to plant needs.

No, no fan blowing on it. A ceiling fan above on slowest setting, but u can’t detect any movement in leaves from it. The next leaves do look fine and I’ve seen this before. One was dry n just watered. It’s not overwatered. Those pots are amazing too. Breath so good n all extra water pours right out of them. Just really curious what was causing it

Wouldn’t worry about it. All my plants do what you see on the left one here. This pic seems ancient to me now, those plants are now well into flower.

Edit. Can see on both of them.

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Now I just remove those leaves like I said.

Ya, you’re right, looks just like mine. It doesn’t happen all the time though , to same seeds sprouted at same time even. Wierd.

I notice u have a pot buried in a pot? What’s that about? ??

That’s the next transplant and where the mother plant will sit. Just keeping it in tune with it’s environment. There’s a liner between the pot it’s currently in and it’s final home. Which is just a same size pot with the bottom cut out. Makes for easy transplant and transition.

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I find it easier to lay the myko this way especially. Otherwise you got soil going everywhere

I asked this with seedlings a while back. I was told they’ll twist slightly when the medium is a touch hot and that they’d straighten out when they could handle it. They did.

Looking good.

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Thank you. That’s a great answer. I believe the medium was hot when they sprouted the first leaves were closer to that medium too.