Trying to pinpoint a deficiency, anyone have any ideas?

First 2 weeks we didn’t Ph water, or fertilize - and everything went great. Then we began ph testing water (always kept between 6-6.7) , fertilizing with “fox farm grow big” (in quarter doses) they are watered as needed, usually every 2-3 days. As soon as we began to do this we noticed a few white tips on upper growth, thinking it was over fertilization we stopped feeding. After about a week we noticed it was getting worse, so then we thought it was some kind of deficiency so we started feeding again (added 3mL of CAL-MAG to water) although we haven’t had time to see if this will help, it is progressing pretty crazy. Just wondering if anyone has seen anything like this?

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Looks like you have a good start there. You should try giving your plants a full dose of nutes. I use fox farms and have never given a1/4 dose. You might be starving your plants. I start with 1tbs at about 2 weeks for about 2 weeks then up to 2 tbs per gallon. Fox Farms has what your plant needs but you have to give it to them .
How old are your plants? How long have they been given ff?

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Their 6 weeks. I gave the first dose the 3rd - 4th week, then they started getting yellow tips so i stopped becauae it looked like the start of nuterient burn. I just started feeding again this week. Next time I feed I will use the full dose and see if it helps.

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I’d go ahead and mix 1tbs to gallon and give it to them. FF you should feed minimum 1 a week. Right now I’m at 2 tbs per gallon every 5 days. I’ll shorten the time between feedings as they get bigger. My plants are about 2 1/2 months old

Here ya go.

My first guess is potassium. But, a support ticket will help diagnose any issues.

It really looks like potassium but they are only week 6 in veg. Support ticket?

He means one of these. @Pangle.p.01

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