Trusted Seed bank?

I recently purchased 3 autuflowering seeds from bud aroma. I completely forgot to do any type of research on it. I dont know if its a scam but some people get ripped off while others claim they don’t. I really dont know and i dont want to wait and find out. So now the question is… What are some reliable seed banks with fast shipping and good genetics?

@Mikalah314 here you go.


I’ve ordered and received Excellent Awesome Fem Seeds twice now from ILGM in less than three weeks. The genetics are awesome! Look at all the productive growers here who happily pass their knowledge. Wouldn’t buy or go to anyone else!


Best bank is right here


You’re already here. Just placed my 3rd order and have never had an issue. Customer service is excellent and they do everything they can to make sure you get your seeds. As a completely new grower I am so happy I found this site when I did and wouldn’t go anywhere else. ~AB


This would have been a great question to ask before you ordered from them @Mikalah314 Hope it works out for ya!

I know! Im so upset. I emailed them last night and i am yet to have a response. I would prefer to use ILGM because of their wonderful genetics i just dont know if i want to spend $79 for 5 seeds. Even though it’ll be totally worth if i do.

I was really tempted to order from ILGM, but being in canada I am kinda nervous, any canada buyer out here with a good experience?

Im not based out of canada but what kinds of worries do you have

well Marijuana seed at the customs seems kind of illegal to me… Not sure I want to spend 100$ and not receive/wait 3 months to get my seeds,

they have specials… check the mixpacks. you get 3 diff kinds and 5 seeds of each for $99

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Shippinf couldnt be longer than a month if youre based in north america i would say. And i think that if your package doesnt arrive, they’ll sens another

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There are several Canadian’s here. @Donaldj I believe and @Niala. Can’t remember who else at the moment.


Guess it would be worth trying then! thanks! I was kinda of insecure loll

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Yeap @AnneBonny, I am, and French canadian, a “Québécois”…:wink::grinning:…Thanks for the tag :+1:. …

So, @Blasting, you’ll not wait 3 months to have seeds… I made 2 order last year, the first was a cash order and it took 23 days to arrive since they had to wait for the money to be there before processing, the second one was by credit card and they arrive around 10 days later. …

It’s safe to safe that they garanty delivery in Canada…
You’re in good hands here :grinning:

Hoping that’s helping you feel secure…

~Al :v: :innocent:

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Merci Niala :wink:

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De rien, @Blasting , c’est toujours un plaisir pour moi d’aider…
Bonne soirée et bonne chance dans ton future projet :grinning::+1:

Merci, j’étudie depuis un moment et je suis dans les achat maintenant, j’attend deja des graines mais tu ma rassure pour mon prochain achat ici :slight_smile: Je penserai a toi lorsque je debuterai mon journal :slight_smile:

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Je serai là, prêts à aider… N’hésite surtout pas… juste mettre un @ devant mon nom ou tout autre membre avec qui tu te sent à l’aise et nous seront prompt à répondre…

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Tu vois, je cherchais une communautée comme ca, et la en plus quelqu’un qui parle ma langue je suis comblé! Merci :smiley:

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