Reliable, good priced, seeds

Seeking recommendations for good reliable seed bank online that is not out of line on prices.

Um , here,lol


HAHA, I could not figure out how to order from here when I live in the US, LOL

I live in the us


Hmm, ok, I will try again :slight_smile:

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I received mine within 2 weeks, and iam 8 for 8 so far on germination

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Yeah, ilgm has got seeds. Other places have more variety and sometimes cheaper deals but you get what you pay for. I may have a few qualms with this side but seed bank is separate. I recommend them


This is the support site. This is the seed site

A good chunk of us are in the US. This seed bank has the fastest delivery of any bank I’ve tried.


Do they deliver to the UK? If so, I’ll give these a try next month.

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hey bro, I do not have too much experience with many different seedbanks (I tried Greenhouse Seeds, Sensi Seeds, Paradise Seeds and Royal Queen Seeds)

I can strongly recommend Royal Queen Seeds (Royal Cheese)
and I can also recommend Greenhouse Seeds. The other two mentioned I can not but it was the strains I think.

(maybe checkout Zamnesia, they have seeds from all seedbanks and ship to UK whilst having very good prices. You will find every strain there)

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Seedsman UK :+1::kangaroo:

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A friend just sent me some seeds (still in the sealed packages) from GYO.Green , any opinions on their seeds?

My last order was from GYO, beacuse ILGM recommend them.
In fact my fruit punch auto is from there. And im about to order from them again.

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