True 1st timer needs help with scrog

Hi from HI meaning Hawaii. Is it late for attempting to train this plant and do a scrog? 45 days old and Sour Punch. Any input would be appreciated. I’ve watched some YouTube but everyone seems to start at an earlier state. If the stress would be too much I’ll wait for next plant lol

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@Rza808. Most folks start a bit sooner than this but you can still do some lst to manage your height a bit.
You can tie over the top and that will allow the side branching to create a more even canopy.
Here’s a bit of info on low stress training and how to perform it.

And welcome to ILGM. :+1:

Thanks for the quick advice. Yah my brother and I were talking and he was afraid that the stem was too rigid to train. We may hold off until our next venture since this plant looks good already. A nice low even canopy would be ideal though as to not draw extra attention. Gonna have a talk with him. I think he just wanted some confirmation that it wasn’t to late to train. Thanks again

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Any time. :wink::+1::v: