Troubleshooting Nutrient Issues - Please Help


I am hoping that you wise individuals can offer some suggestions. First the most important information.

What strain, Seed bank, or bag seed (photo or auto): Second indoor grow - three photos, 2 Train Wrecks and 1 Tangy Dosidos
Age of plant/what week of flower: Just staring 5th week of flower
Method: Living Soil
Vessels: 3-gallon fabric pots
PH and TDS of Water (Tap - 7.5/35 PPM), Solution (6.5/N/A), runoff N/A
PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution if applicable: mostly dry amendments, compost teas or pH’d water with cal/mag+Fe .
Method used to measure PH and TDS: Apera 20 pH, Something off amazon TDS
Indoor or Outdoor if indoor, size of grow space : Indoor 2x 4 ft.
Light system LED, MH/HPS/CMH/Fluorescents, or other: 3 cheap blurples (saving up for something better)
Actual wattage draw of lights: 105 W each
Current Light Schedule: 12/12
Temps: Day, Night 81-67 F
Humidity: Day, Night 50/65 F (higher after watering)
Ventilation system: Cloudline T4
AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier: None
Co2: No

On Sunday I noticed that one of the trainwrecks had bleached white tips (upper leaves). I searched the forum and did the googly and found the most closely related deficiency was copper. Then the leaves started turning down at the tips and and the tips were twisting outwards at about 45 degrees plus I started seeing some orange tips with curling and what appeared to be flaking off the green on the top of the leaves. The new symptoms only compounded the possibilities! Overwatering, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Iron and Zinc deficiencies! I don’t overwater (1/2 gallon every 2 days) and the girls get cal/mag + Fe on non-compost tea days. They do receive topdressings.

With them showing all these possible deficiencies, I looked at the handy dandy nutrient availability by pH chart and noticed all these elements lock out about pH7, I mixed up tonight’s cal/mag+Fe and pH’d down to 6. I watered each plant until I was able to capture enough to measure the first flush and then a second reading. Lo and Behold, everyone was above 7 (one at 8.2) with first flush and then hitting about 6.5-7 after 100 mL of runoff. I did give them their last shot of silica about 10 days ago and now I am wondering if I forgot to pH it down?

Any other suggestions?

Prior to this I had a run-in with spider mites and fungus gnats, and a light timer malfunction so I am sure they are stressed.


BEAutiful support ticket! So while i reread everything… pics?


Kinda hit a nail on the head here. As I read i was like 7? Yea. The 6.5, correct path of thought. Then silica which is a notorious pH up, and can also coagulate? Something like that… all i know is too much or not mixing it thoroughly can F u.

NOT PH’N (or checking) after? Pretty sure same result


Even though I wouldn’t have a clues as to what was said above, since I’m high and have had more than one drink, I’m just gonna come right out and say it,

““what he said!”” :point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2:



Thank you for the compliment on the Support Ticket! I have been around long enough to know that is the first task I would be asked to complete.

Here is one leaf with the orange edges, curling/dying tip.

Here is what they looked like on Sunday. They have been very healthy until recently.

You can see the claws and a couple of bleached tips and at the bottom left where the green of the leaf flaked off.

They were top dressed with Dr. Earth Flower Girl.(3-9-4) when I flipped just over a month ago (they are due for a second application). Also the compost tea is boogie brew.

I’ll snap a pick of the 45 degree twist at the end of the leaf tomorrow. I have to grab some Zzzzzs.

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Hey all! The low pH watering help yesterday! Less clawing and twisting.

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