Troubled plant?

These are my inside plants. Have 3 in and 2 outside.

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Like all damage, it’s there to stay. You have it right, look at new growth.
I haven’t used the AN line, YET. That’s what I’m gonna try out next. Maybe @anon95385719 can help answer questions for you.

What would u like to know?

Thank you @Budbrother
I just want to know if any of the advanced nutrients will help with fatten the buds? Sorry took so long just retirned from work. Thanks in advance. This forum has been very helpful, next grow I will post from beginning. I didnt know this existed when i started.

Yes all nute lines have bud builders. In the AN line they are bud igniter and big bud during flower and overdrive at the end of flower and ripening.

I like the AN line but I hear a lot of people say they are expensive and others work too that are cheaper.

Happy growing!

Thanks again😄

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Split screen of plant , first pic is 12 days ago. Second pic done today. Its been a slow recovery but i think she"ll make it😀


What do you think ? We have the rest of Sept before frost. Do you think she will fatten up in time, @anon95385719 @SmoknGranny @Budbrother


Looking much better, I vote for her making it to decent harvest, will be a little close though, great work! I wouldn’t give her any more nitrogen if she were mine, especially with frost coming, it will help her finish. Maybe just a few1/2 doses of bloom fertilizer.


Ok will do,:grinning: thank you so much!

@Big123 I believe I have a week or two left?


@brunnstix I would let it go as long as you can before frost comes.

Ok, will do! Thanks again

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Our first frost last night and a windstorm temps down to 40-42. How long can they survive that? 1 was blown over, I got that back up and staked so hopeful I can get a least another week in the ground. We have forecasted temps of the same tonight, should I put a bag over them, or protect them somehow?@Big123, @anon95385719 @Budbrother or anyonethat can help.

Covering at night with some type of food grade polyethylene plastic would help some for sure. The cold slows the plant down, it should be ok at 40F, however, if it goes much below 40F the plant might start having some problems, branches dying, etc.

I probably didnt do the right thing by covering it in a trash bag? I removed first thing this morning.:thinking:

Relax, that’s what I do when it’s needed.

A little paranoid, outside plants producing the best I have 3 indoor girls that I may get just an ounce of all 3​:grimacing:. My first grow and I have learned a ton. I learned that a 600 watt LED doesnt do flower much good especially a "blurple " from Amazon. I have a ton ofstretch with little popcorn buds all over. I moved my light down and its finally starting to stack but unfortuantly little time left.:disappointed:.

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Do t be tough on yourself. Growing is a learning process for sure. We all had to do it; it’s like learning to walk. I’m almost ready to switch over to a hydro grow, so I’ll be moving over to a new style of growing. I expect some problems will occur. In this hobby, we never stop learning!

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Im ok A little is better than none and have gained alot of knowledge along the way. I appreciate the pep talk though @Budbrother

Inside and outside this am.

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