Trimming the fan leaves on Auto Flowering

This is my first grow, I am using a tint to grow in. My two plants broke out of the soil on 4/19 and 4/20. My question is, do you clip the Fan Leaves off the plants? I have enclose a pic. Thanks in advance!


Some folks do and others don’t. Personally, I don’t remove leaves unless I feel that the leaves are inhibiting air flow.


What he said, and i like to remove the inner fan leaves that block light from penatrating further down on my autos.


When you are talking about inter leaves are you talking about the ones that don’t protrude out? I have read about lolipopping it but don’t really want to do that. Other things I have read says those leaves act as solar panels and helps the plant grow. They are so beautiful I don’t want to screw them up by cutting off something I shouldn’t. Thanks again for everyone that helps!

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Just the main trunk inners, normally about 4 to 5 sets, mine get huge. Just defoilated my two the past few days.

I use judgement, first grow, very little extra defoilation, my lower third was airy buds, 2nd harvest, cleaned lower 20% so all energy goes to upper canopy, same numbers, solid nugs.

Hope that helps.


Our first is up for Bud of the month.


I would tie off and pull your longer branches down a bit to allow it to open up. (LsT)

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There is plenty of room within the plant for airflow. I wouldn’t take anything off. The plant needs the leaves it has for photosynthesis.


Had to tie all 3 bananas down, you can see the bend. Used pipe cleaner.


I do agree, your one plant isnt bushy like some strains are and looks :ok_hand:.


That looks Amazing!! Thanks for the advise.


Mosca, thanks for the advice. Not sure why one of them doesn’t look bushy.
The seeds came from the same pack and they are White Widow Auto Flowering. I have a 6’ tall tent and I have moved the light up as far as she will go. Should I top the one not so bushy plants?

We learning on the fly like you and others. We dont top our autos since they have an internal clock they work off of. We think they do not get that growth back.

More lighting will help them develop and be more bushy.

We used 12 inch pipe cleaner to tie head down.

I think this one shows it.

Tied to mid stem, pulled down and tied to itself because of light and heigth issues.

Guess it was removed, zoom in, youll see the bend in the main cola. Didnt hurt anything.

I know this might be a stupid question but once the plant reaches the light just let it go?

I just added another light. That gives me 200W of grow lights. Will that help?

It will. What lights are you using?

I have short space, the banana thus far, 4 plants i have done this.

Just did it. Less than a minute.

Pulled it down and tied it off. Gently, never seems to bother them.

It does the job.

The main cola will be standing shortly.