Trimming the babies

Just started. Have 3 pretty ladies. Where you get your seeds is a priority. How often should I start trimming their approximately 5 in tall wood limbs starting to come out.

Also I do want the light to get down to the bottom of the plant. I trimmed several big leaves from the top. Is this a good idea.

No, it’s a bad idea, stop trimming. The only reason to prune is to allow air flow and light to get beneath the canopy. If your plant is extremely bushy, then you can prune. It would help if you could post a pic.


Pics on the way

I agree with @raustin leave those fan leaves
Grooming comes in much much later in veg and only when you have to improve air flow
Fan leaves soak up light and help photosynthesis which makes for a bigger harvest
They will recover but let her grow and do her thing


This is my last lady to get the chop
Alot of fan leaves and just a lil thining on the under growth


Thanks for the info guys. I kinda thought so.

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Sall good buddy happy growing and if you need anything just ask
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Ok now I have another question. How soon can I get a clipping from my ladies. They are about 6". Got pretty limbs coming on. Seeds were ordered from you know where. Very pleased.s