Trimming Large Fan Leaves

Looking for advice on trimming older large leaves not producing buds. I’m 3 weeks into flowering and while this plant has been rather small, I’m seeing some nice bud beginnings. IF you can see the larger leaves q row down from the top with yellow looking edges, I’d appreciate advice. I’m inclined to trim these off but unsure. Thanks in advance friends.

I’d worry more about the potassium deficiency or ph problem you seem to have, are you feeding it any bloom nutes?

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Thanks for responder. the ph of the water I use is 6.5, I am using ILGMs Flowering nute now. It s suggested to use a very small amount of it. I was concerned the yellowish fan leaves might be from too much nute? PH in soil is reading more like 7:-(

Does this pic in natural light help diagnose? Ill run out and get some cal mag suppliment this morning. its day to water also not sure if i should add bergmans flowertime nute?

I see tip burn maybe just a little to much nutrients

You may just have a lockout. To much nitrogen. Is possible

Boy it can really swing either way cant it? My wife said she thought a bit of n burn, others said need some n:-( go figure. I added a few grains of bergmans flowering nute.YIKES.

BTW I appreciate your response.

Stay healthy

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I’d say nitrogen because u have a nice dark green it’s just the parts of the plant that are getting the light have tip burn. How far away you have ur light?

Say safe and healthy also my friend

Also u can take it bigger burnt leaves off

24" its a Sunraise full spectrum 1000 watt light. I have it set at both veg and bloom now since I switched 3 weeks ago to 12/12

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looking at your second comment and again THANK YOU for helping me. It was wondering about taking off those larger earlier leaves that have the burn to them. They dont have any buds starting so probably safe eh?

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Oh yeah I know people who strip the l
Fan leaves off but they are a little more advanced of growers. I like to take a leaf here and there

Are u in soil? Promix or coco?

Sorry if asking a million questions just getting a feel for ur grow.

in soil, FF happy frog. my next plant is going to be in kind soil with coco loco on top

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and in air pot. trying my butt off. been messing with this since last november. had a few kills:-( due to over watering

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Are you trying to stay organic? well my only advice would be imo skip all the kind soil u want something that will be easy to grow in and out cost much? I’d grow in coco with perlite using Jack’s 321 program it’s cheap and u feed the same thing every watering. @imSICKkid would be able to shed some light on the subject. Also it will produce the nice frosty buds I’m sure your looking for. Not dogging on kind soil or any other nutrients honestly I dont even use Jack’s yet but I’m doing a run between my nutrients soul synthetics vrs Jack’s.

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Organic not critical but ive been grasping at straws since ive had to luck so far. IAlready bought the kind soil and coco have them in two seedling starters. mean time trying to get some yield from my 10 week old gold leave photo plant:-(

Oh yea and my first grow died cause of too much water as previous mention and a forum member suggested I upgrade to better lights.

Might be cheper to fly to colorado than what Im doing but I’m enjoying the challenge in early reirement :slight_smile:

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left off so I did upgrade the lights