Trimmed to soon?

I think I trimmed to soon

Please provide more information. Pictures and questions.

I think I trimmed too soon. My plants look amazing and smell even better! BUT they stopped getting any larger when my boyfriend told me to trim the longer leaves sticking out around the buds. Now a friend who I think knows what she is talking about told me to go ahead and hang them upside down, roots and all, or they will die right where they are. Not sure what to do.

Your plants look like they flowered right away. Did you grow photoperiod seeds outdoors or indoors?

I agree, looks like you went from seed to flower. How many hours of light did you give them? Maybe it could have been a clone that didnt revert back to veg. We need more info

If they are grown outdoors and are photoperiod seeds (not autos) they they may be reverting back to vegging and that’s why they may look funny. Need more info.

Outdoors. Honestly, I found two seeds and planted them. This is what happens. ( I really babied them though :smiley:) Eveyone says “That’s gonna be good weed!” so kinda got into it. Really want to smoke it! Lol

So now that the days are getting longer (>12hrs of light) your plant is going to stop budding and revert back to verging and growing leaves. You have two choices…cut it down and smoke the bud that has already formed…or let the plant regrow and let it go through it’s normal vegging flowering cycle and harvest in the fall from a much larger plant. I’d smoke it and start over.

Or do both…plant on the left looks like all bud…plant on right looks like it’s vegging already and probably won’t be to potent.

BTW your soil looks wet. Let it dry out more. What are you using for growing medium? Do you have adequate drainage in the pot?