Trichomes cloudy?

I’m calling these cloudy. Is that correct? I need a better loupe I suppose


I either need a better loupe or I need to stop getting old

don’t stop getting old Clay,…the alternative suxx… I cannot tell if those are cloudy either based on the pic… you will want to see at least a few start turning amber…at least 10% amber before harvest would be my guess…and I do not see any amber in the pic

@Clay0 their on the way to turning cloudy .,but you have awhile yet…mine are full cloudy and i have a total of 3 weeks left according to the calendar…when they start to turn amber ill be obvious …just a few of the caps here and there… then start to get ready …(.waiting is the Hardest part …Tom petty) lol Hammer

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I see cloudy trichomes give them more time
At this time I’ll turn the of the lights off for 24hr’s then change from 12/12/ to 08/16
My buds get big and fat. The plant thinks its running out of time and kicks into high gear.



Isn’t it “Waiting is the harvest part”

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@Iva your killing me lol lol i read twice …again after i got back into the chair. the first time HA HA :grinning: great imagination .gifted hands on .and a good grower …beautiful Witt , You must Be Married :grin: Hammer .:wink::wink: