Trichomes clear

One of my four plants has yellowing leaves but the trichomes look all clear. How far away an I from harvest? A few days or maybe a few weeks?

Pistil color change is about 15%.

Just got the microscope today, works great! $35! For what I’ve read on ILGM when the trichomes first turn amber, you flush the nutrients, then at 60% amber trichomes you harvest. Is that correct?

Super stoked to be close to my best harvest ever.


A bit more. Yellowing is common. Cloudy-amber. Anytime after cloudy. Your call on taste there. Clear is always a wait.


Lots of white hairs You want nearly all those hairs to turn brown and recede back into the calyx’s before checking trichomes. You still have a ways to go and more leaves will start turning yellow and dieing. This is normal the plants no longer need them, sucked all the nutrients out of them and turned their efforts to bud and trichome production


Yes still lots of clear there. Still a bit if time but getting close for sure. Depends on the high u want from the plant. More amber is more of a couch lock weed less Amber is more of a head high clear trics will be a high but mostly seem to be a headache high lol


Definitely want less couch lock and more of an upper high. These are 100% sativa and would like to keep it as upper as possible. When should I harvest if I don’t want any couch lock? The stuff I get from the dispensary has no couch lock, same Strawberry Cough 100% sativa strain.

Basically just when it turns amber is what I’m looking for?

You’re looking for mostly cloudy for no couchlock.

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Awesome. That’s what I’ll do.

Make sure you wait for nearly all the white hairs to turn brown before checking tricomes


When you do check yours, since the HPS light always has a yellow tint I’m assuming you cut off a small flower, not on a main cola. Do you choose a specific part of the plant? Top, middle or bottom or do the trichomes all change on the plant around the same time?

I’ve read about harvesting different parts of a plant at different times, but I don’t want to do that.


I usually clip a small piece of a flower from the top and one near the bottom somewhere. I look over the entire plant first and pick a spot thats not gonna hurt anything

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I don’t clip anything. I hold the cola and use a loupe or zoom in with my phone camera

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I do that too i have a loupe and a magnifier that clips on my phone but i like to take some inside so i can get a bunch of pictures with my microscope. My hands are too shaky to get good pictures with a loupe or clip on magnifying glass